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Your Local Dentist Is Accepting New Patients

Local Dentist on Cambie Accepting New Patients

Welcome to Atlantis Dental Cambie!

If you are looking for a local dentist at a conveniently located clinic where dentists and staff treat you with care, compassion, and respect, give our team at Atlantis Dental Cambie an opportunity to be your trusted dental professionals on Cambie Street! At Atlantis Dental Cambie, humanistic health and personal care are two of our pillars of success that drive our people and our practice. Our dental team treats each patient like the person they are rather than a case file number or meal ticket.

Your dental health is our priority, but we also understand that, in order to provide unmatched patient care, we need to truly get to know you as a human; from your family dynamic and professional career path to what you eat for breakfast, your local dentist wants to get to know you well enough. That will allow us to create a dental treatment plan that is conducive to your unique lifestyle requirements.

Our approach might feel more personal than you’re used to, but with your health and wellness at the top of our minds, we want you to feel welcome, comfortable and supported in our Vancouver dental clinic. We encourage you to book a new patient intake appointment if you would like to learn more about our patient-first philosophy.


What Should I Expect from My First Visit at my Local Dentist?

When we welcome new patients into our dentist on Cambie, we will ask you to fill out a detailed questionnaire that helps us get a better sense of who you are, why you’re here, and how we can help you put your best smile forward. Our dental hygienists will review your completed form, ask you any relevant questions, and get started on your complete oral exam and hygiene checkup.

Once your teeth are primed and polished, you will get to meet your friendly local dentist, who will take a look at your teeth and address any potential areas of concern as noted by the hygienist and discuss treatment options if you are coming to us with a specific dental health concern.

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How Does Billing and Insurance Work?

We are thrilled to offer direct billing for most insurance companies at Atlantis Dental Cambie! We are also happy to discuss financing and how billing works for specific dental treatments from a compassionate lens as we understand that taking care of your teeth and gums can be an investment.

Why Are Regular Dental Visits Important?

At Atlantis Dental Cambie, we are passionate about preaching the importance of maintaining proper dental health and hygiene. The reason we recommend visiting us for an annual oral health exam and bi-annual dental cleaning is that the longer you wait between visits, the higher your risk of running into dental issues and potential infections that can spread very quickly.

Keeping up with your regular dental visits allows us to stay in the know about what’s going on in your mouth. In some cases, your dentist will want to monitor a minor dental concern that might be harmless now but could cause havoc later if not treated at the right time. Oral infections spread fast, and preventative dentistry is the next line of defence when proper oral hygiene isn’t enough.

The best way to avoid more invasive dental treatments like root canals or full tooth extractions is to book regular dental visits so we can keep track of your dental health. Our thoughtful receptionists will reach out when it’s time to book your next dental appointment at Atlantis Dental Cambie for your convenience.

How Do I Get to Atlantis Dental Cambie?

Our Vancouver dental clinic is conveniently located across the water from our original location in Yaletown! We are a few blocks north of Vancouver City Hall, south of the Cambie Street Bridge, and east of Charleson Park if you’re coming from the west side. Another handy reference point is Science World; from there, head south on Quebec Street, then go west on West 2nd Avenue, and you’ll find us after a quick left on Cambie Street.

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